Start-Ups: Financing Start-Up Preparation

 Every startup starts with a good idea. The exciting question is: how can the idea be used to develop a promising business model? What does it take to realize the idea? The time and financial expenditure for innovative technology-oriented Start-ups is large and can range from a few months to several years. The costs for […]

Payday Loans Redundancies and Pension Cuts

  A reversal of the thousands of redundancies paid by the minimum wage and an inevitable lifting of the personal gap from 2020 marks the developments in the labor market. As the “P” has written, from March there will be an increase in redundancies as businesses will take a proactive reduction in staff because they […]

How To Get A Loan – Super Loans

  From time to time, we need each one of us the need for money for unexpected expenses such as house repair, unexpected bills, medical expenses, school expenses, or any other reason you think. Where are you going to get money for these unplanned expenses? Non-bank loans are available almost immediately, and thanks to a […]

Loan through a messaging app!

Gandalf Credit, a finite and credit company, has become the first in the world to lend via Viper. In order to achieve even better service and a quick response to the needs of its customers, Gandalf Credit has teamed up with Viper and developed a revolutionary service channel. Communication in one of the largest apps […]